UN says flooding kills 7 people in Sudan’s Darfur region

UN says flooding kills 7 people in Sudan’s Darfur region
Floods in Sudan's Darfur region have killed people and left widespread material damage
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Sudan has witnessed catastrophic floods in the past two years [Getty]

Floods triggered by seasonal torrential rains in Sudan’s western Darfur region killed at least seven people, including children, the UN and an aid group said Sunday.

Heavy rains started late Friday in the Kass locality in South Darfur province, according to the General Coordination for Refugees and Displaced in Darfur.

The group said the dead included a pregnant woman and two boys ages 2 and 8. It said at least 100 houses in camps for displaced people collapsed or were partly damaged.

Toby Harward, a coordinator with the UN refugee agency, reported the deaths. He posted footage on Twitter showing flooded areas and homes. He said the UNHCR and its partners were working to provide humanitarian aid to affected communities.

Seasonal floods killed more than 80 people and inundated tens of thousands of houses across Sudan between July and September last year.