Ukraine invasion: UN chief 'appalled' by deadly Russian attack on Vinnytsia

Ukraine invasion: UN chief 'appalled' by deadly Russian attack on Vinnytsia
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Thursday that he was 'appalled' by a Russian attack on Vinnytsia in central Ukraine which killed at least 20 people.
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Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 this year [source: Getty]

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Thursday strongly condemned the Russian missile strikes on Vinnytsia in central Ukraine that have killed at least 20 people, calling for those responsible to be held accountable.

Guterres is "appalled by today's missile attack against the city of Vinnytsia in central Ukraine," his spokesman Stephane Dujarric said in a statement.

"The secretary-general condemns any attacks against civilians or civilian infrastructure and reiterates his call for accountability for such violations."

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Russian missiles struck Vinnytsia onThursday, killing at least 23 people including three children, in what President Volodymyr Zelensky called "an open act of terrorism".

The midday attack on the city hundreds of kilometres from the frontlines and invading Russian troops came as EU officials convened in The Hague to discuss war crimes in Ukraine.

The charred remains of upturned cars surrounded by burnt debris were seen in images distributed by officials next to a business gutted by a fire with brown smoke billowing nearby.

"There were eight rockets, two of which hit the centre of the city. Twenty people have died, including three children. There is a large, large number of wounded," Zelensky said during an address to European officials at The Hague.

Rescuers later updated the death toll to 23, saying the search for another 39 people continues.