Two killed in Cairo bomb blast

Two killed in Cairo bomb blast
An explosion near Egypt's high court building in Cairo on Monday killed two and wounded at least nine people, in the latest of a series of attacks targeting the security forces and government buildings.
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03 March, 2015
Egypt has seen a series of bomb blasts and attacks since the military coup. [Getty]

A bomb blast in one of the busiest streets in central Cairo killed two people and wounded nine on Monday, the police said. 

The two men who died, aged 22 and 24, succumbed to injuries suffered in the attack.

The bomb was hidden under a car parked near the High Court — the country's highest criminal court — and went off in Cairo's Ramses neighborhood. The area is very crowded, with dozens of street vendors selling their ware on stalls set up on the asphalt. Nearby are several bus stops, a railway station and a subway station. 

Egyptian private The Seventh Day TV broadcast footage of the site, showing hundreds of onlookers around cars with smashed windows and blood on the pavement. Police cordoned off the area and state TV later reported that a second bomb was dismantled before it went off. 
A worker in a nearby cafe said he ran out to the street after hearing a loud explosion. "I found three people lying on the ground covered in blood."​ 

Egypt has seen a series of attacks mainly targeting security forces since the military ousted President Mohammed Morsi in the summer of 2013. Outside of the restive Sinai Peninsula, most attacks have involved small, homemade explosives and have caused few casualties. 

The attacks have raised fears ahead of an economic conference later this month aimed at attracting foreign investment. 

Last Thursday there were four bomb attacks in Cairo. One person was killed and two were wounded in one of the attacks outside a restaurant in the residential Imbaba district of the capital, the Interior Ministry said.

On Sunday a bomb went off near a police station in the southern city of Aswan, killing two civilians and wounding a soldier and four others.