Twin bomb attacks hit Fallujah city centre

Twin bomb attacks hit Fallujah city centre
Two bomb attacks in formerly IS-occupied Fallujah in Iraq have sparked rumours of state collusion after militants passed through tight security to detonate their explosives.
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15 November, 2016
The two car bombs hit security checkpoints near the centre of the city [Twitter]

Twin car-bombs rocked the Iraqi city of Fallujah on Monday, killing at least 30 people and injured 30 others in the first attack on the city since Iraqi forces took over the town from the Islamic State group in June.

IS claimed responsibility for the attack on the Sunni-majority city, sparking rumours of collusion with Iraqi security agents.

"The blasts which struck Fallujah resulted in the deaths of 30 people and more than 30 were wounded," Hamid Hashim, a member of the Anbar Provincial Council, told The New Arab.

"This has provoked the astonishment of everyone as the city is fortified and completely surrounded [by forces] - one can only enter the city after intensive searching by security forces."

The mayor of Fallujah, Issa al-Sayer, told The New Arab that the attack highlighted a major security breach which must be investigated in full.

"This incident points to a major security failure by the authorities responsible for the security of the city," Sayer said.

"We need to tighten up the procedures through new plans for Fallujah's security because IS has a number of dangerous maneuvers and methods at its disposal."

There are also rumours of collusion on the part of security officials in the city which are currently being investigated.

Fallujah was the epicentre of Sunni militancy during the Iraq war, with extremist fighters unleashing a wave of attacks on Shia areas. Many members of the Iraqi military are believed to have links to Shia militia groups.

"There are doubts hovering over security officials, who may have been complicit in the incident," said one city official, who did not want to be named for safety reasons.

"The provincial council has not analysed the ambush yet, but has formed a committee to investigate it."