Ten members of one family die in Oman house fire

Ten members of one family die in Oman house fire
The family of 10 members suffocated to death after their house set ablaze in the village of Khor al-Hamam.
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27 September, 2018
People were urged to install smoke detectors in their homes [Getty]

Police in Oman say 10 members of a single family have died after suffocating in a fire at their home in the sultanate.

The Royal Oman Police announced on Thursday that the fire happened at a home in the village of Khor al-Hamam in the country's Saham region.

“Ten members of one family died from inhaling smoke after a fire broke out at their home at dawn in the Khor al Hamam area of Sahm state. To God we belong and to Him we return”, the tweet said.

“The Royal Oman Police calls on everyone to install smoke sensors inside their homes to avoid such incidents.”

Omani civil defense officials say firefighters found the dead after responding to the fire in the village, some 165 kilometers, or about 100 miles, northwest of Oman's capital, Muscat.

The village sits along the country's coast with the Gulf of Oman.

Both police and civil defense officials confirmed the deaths were a result of smoke inhalation and suffocation.