Syrian woman who turned down marriage proposals stabbed to death in Jordan

Syrian woman who turned down marriage proposals stabbed to death in Jordan
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14 December, 2021
Maryam Muhammad was stabbed at least 15 times on her return home from work after she reportedly refused a man's persistent marriage proposals.
The crime took place in Amman's Al-Ashrafiya neighbourhood [Getty]

A Syrian woman in Jordan was stabbed to death last week allegedly by a man who had harassed her after turning down his repeated marriage proposals.

Maryam Muhammad, 27, was returning home from work on 10 December when she was stabbed at least 15 times in the back, chest, neck, and shoulder in Amman's Al-Ashrafiya neighbourhood.

The victim’s father had already submitted complaints to Jordanian authorities that Maryam had received threats from a man she had refused to marry.

Her father helped identify the suspected killer through surveillance cameras. The suspect was arrested a couple of days later and is now in custody.

It has brought to light the serious issue of violence against women in Jordanian society and the perceived lack of protection against such acts.

The Arabic hashtag 'Maryam Muhammad’s Right' went viral on Twitter as angry social media users condemned the killing, demanding justice be served.

Many have also blamed authorities in Jordan for doing little about the harassment of Maryam and the perceived threatening behaviour of the man.

Several women are killed in the kingdom each year due to domestic violence and honour killings, according to the Jordanian Women's Solidarity Institute.