Syrian family massacred in air raid, 40 women abducted

Syrian family massacred in air raid, 40 women abducted
Thirteen members of one family in Homs have been killed in the town of al-Rastan, while 40 women were abducted at a regime checkpoint, Syrian activists have said.
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19 May, 2016
Opposition-held areas of Homs have been experiencing intense campaigns [Getty]
Thirteen members of the same family were killed after Syrian war planes bombed Rastan, north of Homs city, on Wednesday night.  

"Warplanes launched more than a dozen airstrikes targeting buildings in the city of Rastan, north countryside, leading to the deaths of 13 members of a Turkmen family who died after a missile targeted a shelter they were hiding in," activist Ali Baz told The New Arab.  

The building completely collapsed over the civilans, whose bodies were recovered by Syrian civil defence workers.

Videos shared by local activists showed field hospitals filled with wounded children. 

At least nine airstrikes hit the rebel-held area, while the regime's army used artillery to hit civilian homes in the city.

Seven civilians also sustained critical injuries after a hospital was targetted in Waer neighbourhood of Homs, the last remaining rebel-held area in the old city.  

Around 30 air raids also struck the suburbs of Harbnafsa and Alzara, in northern rural Homs, as regime troops tried to advance on the towns.

Meanwhile, Syrian regime militias reportedly abducted 40 women from Zafarana village near al-Rastan, close to the northern checkpoint to Homs city as they returned home from work.  

Local media activists reported that the women will likely be used by the regime as "bargaining chips" with rebels in Hama who took prisoners after their campaign to take the town of Zahra.