Syria-Jordan border Al-Rukban refugee camp appeals for aid after infant deaths

Syria-Jordan border Al-Rukban refugee camp appeals for aid after infant deaths
Residents of al-Rukban refugee camp made a desperate plea for aid following the death of infants due to lack of access to healthcare and formula milk.
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15 October, 2018
More than 60,000 refugees live in the desert camp (Getty)
Residents of al-Rukban camp on the Jordanian-Syrian border have appealed to the United Nations and the Jordanian government to lift the siege on the camp. 

"More than 60,000 people are waiting for a slow death.  Children and babies are dying because of the siege enforced by the Syrian regime and her allies 10 days ago," the residents wrote in the letter adding that during this period no food or medicine has entered the camp. 

"If this situation continues, the camp will become a cemetery for its people", the letter read.

The residents called on the international community to pressure the Syrian regime to end the siege, and save the lives of thousands of refugees in the camp.

Meanwhile Syrian activists have launched a campaign for the camp, calling for aid agencies to save al-Rukban camp, dubbing the area the "triangle of death".

UNICEF - the UN's fund for children - urged the Syrian regime and Jordan to grant aid workers access to refugees at the al-Rukban border crossing in a statement on Wednesday.

The statement followed the death of two infants  in the camp after they were unable to access healthcare.

An elderly woman and a 14-year old boy have also died due to lack of medicine. 

Around 65,000 Syrian refugees live in al-Rukban camp, enduring difficult conditions.  The crisis continues as Russia continues to pressure the US to withdraw from the Tanf area east of Syria and close down the camp. 

Local sources said a meeting took place last week between representatives of the camp and regime forces to discuss possible ways of resolving the crisis, including allowing opposition activists and fighters to north Syria.