Cristiano Ronaldo moves out of £250,000-a-month hotel and into new Saudi digs

Cristiano Ronaldo moves out of £250,000-a-month hotel and into new Saudi digs
Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be settling into Saudi Arabia with a move to a new home, as his performances for Riyadh side Al-Nassr improve.
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21 February, 2023
It's not yet clear where exactly Ronaldo is living, although his new home is believed to be in an exclusive compound [source: Getty]

Cristiano Ronaldo has moved out of his 250k-a-month hotel in Saudi Arabia and into his first Riyadh home almost two months after signing with Al-Nassr for a whopping £173 million a year. 

The international football star signed with the Saudi side at the end of last year to become the highest-paid sportsman ever. 

He and his family took up two floors of the Four Seasons hotel in Riyadh for around seven weeks before opting to move into their own place. 

The Portuguese star is believed to have relocated to a high-security complex in Saudi Arabia, according to UK media reports. 

He was reportedly looking at places in "Al Muhammadiyah, one of the premier locations in Saudi Arabia, while another was Al Nakheel, a place with the best schools to help educate his children", the UK website TalkSport said. 

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Ronaldo left UK club Manchester United after a fallout with the manager Erik Ten Hag. 

He signed a two-and-a-half-year deal contract with Al-Nassr in December 2022  but will then take up an ambassadorial role for the Riyadh club for another four-and-a-half years, according to reports. 

He is expected to pocket up to $1.2 billion as a result of the seven-year contract.  

Saudi Arabia has welcomed the sports star with open arms, hailing his signing as a triumph not just for Al-Nassr but for the kingdom's sporting prowess more generally. 

Amnesty International has urged the footballer to use his newfound platform to speak out against systematic human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia.