Republicans to take the house of representatives

Republicans to take the house of representatives
An early projection has predicted the house of representatives to stay firmly in Republican control, despite an 11-seat swing to the Democrats.
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09 November, 2016
The Republicans are expecting to take both houses of Congress tonight [CQ Roll Call]

Experts are projecting that the Republicans will hold onto their majority in the US house of representatives.

According to the NBC house model, the Republicans will take 236 seats in one house of the US Congress, compared with the Democrats' 199.

This would be a 11-seat improvement for the Democrats but would still not be enough to gain a majority in the house of representatives.

At the last election in November 2014, the Republicans took 247 seats and the Democrats held 188.

Hillary Clinton remains the bookmaker's favourite to become the next President of the US, however should she succeed she would still face a challenge with a Republican house.

Republicans used their majority in the house to block many of President Barack Obama's policies over the past four years and many project that this impasse is set to continue.

There are also 34 seats available in the senate and the Republicans are current favourites to take the second house as well.

The Republicans held 54 seats in the previous session, whereas the Democrats held 46, meaning that the Democrats need to gain five seats in order to control the house.