Rebel court sentences Yemen president to death

Rebel court sentences Yemen president to death
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26 March, 2017
The court found President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi guilty of 'instigating attacks by Saudi Arabia' and 'undermining the independence and integrity of the Republic of Yemen.'
Hadi has been sentenced to death for high treason in absentia [Getty]
A rebel court in Yemen's insurgent-held capital has sentenced President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi to death for high treason in absentia, the rebel news agency has said.

The court found Hadi guilty of "usurping the title of president after the end of his term in office" in February 2014, "instigating attacks by Saudi Arabia" and "undermining the independence and integrity of the Republic of Yemen", the rebel-controlled Saba agency said late Saturday.

Six members of Hadi's government were also sentenced to death for treason, it said.

Yemen marks the second anniversary of a Saudi-led coalition starting airstrikes against Houthi rebels in support of Hadi's government, after the insurgents overran the capital Sanaa.

On Sunday, hundreds of thousands of Houthi supporters flooded the streets of Sanaa for a mass rally against Saudi Arabia's role in the war, an AFP reporter at the site said.

That came a day after former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, allied to the Houthis, slammed Riyadh in a speech marking two years since the coalition's military intervention.

"Free Yemenis will continue to choose resistance, as long as the coalition led by Saudi Arabia continues to choose war," Saba quoted Saleh as saying.

Rebel leader Abdul Malik al-Houthi said the Saudi-led coalition had been "living under the illusion that they can take Yemen in a week or a month... but have sunk into the mud," it said.

Hadi's forces have gained ground in southern Yemen since the coalition's intervention in March 2015, but the Houthis still control the capital and strategic ports on the Red Sea coastline.

More than 7,700 people have been killed and over 40,000 injured over the past two years, the United Nations says.

Three million people have been displaced and the country faces a serious threat of famine.