Qatar bolsters coastal defence with cutting edge system

Qatar bolsters coastal defence with cutting edge system
Qatar signs deal with MBDA to install a new defence system along its coast, in latest arms spending spree for the Gulf state.
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06 September, 2016
Qatar's defence ministry has spent billions on arms in recent years [AFP]

A new defense system is expected along the coast of Qatar, as authorities confirmed the deal designed to protect the Gulf state from hostile ships, local media reported.

Exocet and Marte ER missiles will be mounted along Qatar's territorial waters, after the country’s Emiri Naval Forces (QENF) signed a contract with European firm MBDA.

“MBDA is now one of the country’s leading defence suppliers and will continue to show its long-standing commitment and support for the Qatari Armed Forces” the company’s CEO Antoine Bouvier said.

Details surrounding the value of the deal were not undisclosed, however a similar $1.1 billion deal was reached with MBDA in July to mount missiles on seven new Qatari naval ships.

Qatar has been rapidly building up its weapons arsenal in recent years, stocking up on billions of dollars' worth of tanks, helicopters, warships, artillery, and coastal battery systems.

The Gulf state purchased 254 surface-to-air missiles from a US weapons manufacturer in April.

In addition to RIM-116C and RIM-116C-2 Rolling Airframe Missiles, the $260 million deal also includes support equipment, publications, personnel training, US government and contractor engineering, technical and logistics support services, live fire test event support, and other related integration elements.

In March, the Gulf state purchased 24 new Rafale jets in a deal signed with France during this year's Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition.

A report last year projected Qatar's defence spending would rise by an average of 12 percent annually through to 2020.