President Obama hails Iran deal as 'chance for change'

President Obama hails Iran deal as 'chance for change'
President Obama hailed the agreement with Iran saying it is an opportunity to move in a new direction, insisting that he will veto any Congressional attempts to scupper the deal.
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14 July, 2015
Obama expects fierce opposition to the nuclear deal in Congress (Getty)
An hour after the announcement of an agreement between Iran and world powers, US President Barack Obama gave a speech where he warned Congress that walking away from the deal would be "irresponsible".

Obama began his speech with a brief explanation of the terms of the agreement, which ensures that Iran will never, "under any circumstances, seek, develop or acquire nuclear weapons".

He reassured skeptics that international inspectors will be able to access all Iranian facilities "where necessary and when necessary".

A message to hardliners

Expecting intense debates in Congress, the US President welcomed a "robust discussion" on the terms and conditions of the deal while pre-emptively refuting several arguments that empower anti-deal camp. Firstly, Obama pointed out that the deal is not based on trust but on "verification" that is "fully backed by the international community".

Obama reminded Congress that "you don't make such deals with your allies. Remember the deal with the Soviet Union". In that sense, Obama said that it is "not the time for politics. Tough talks from Washington don't solve problems".

Yet, Obama emphasised that the deal won't solve all of US issues with Iran, nor will it let them forget the history of adversary between the two nations. However, the deal, Obama continued, paves the way for change.

"History shows that America must not always lead only in its might, but also in its principles", he added.

The US President reassured his government's commitment to the security of Israel and Arab Gulf allies.

Obama concluded by thanking US Secretary of State, John Kerry, and the rest of the US delegation for their exceptional efforts.