Palestinian flag to be banned in Israeli universities and public buildings

Palestinian flag to be banned in Israeli universities and public buildings
Far-right Israelis want to ban the display of the Palestinian flag in public buildings.
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30 May, 2022
The flag is an important part of Palestinian identity [Getty]

Israel is close to banning the display of Palestinian flags at universities and public buildings in the country, according to reports.

The government's legislative committee approved a draft law on Sunday that could make it illegal to wave "enemy flags" in Israeli government-funded institutions - a bill that appears aimed at effectively banning the Palestinian flag.

The bill, sponsored by Likud MK Eli Cohen, will go to the Knesset where lawmakers will vote on the bill.

The government has said it will allow coalition members - which includes left-wing, centrist, and far-right parties - to "vote with the conscious".

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It follows the display of the flag by 1948 Palestinians at recent Nakba commemorations in schools and universities in Israel, leading to an angry response by right-wing Israelis.

The display of Palestinian flags is not technically illegal in Israel and the occupied territories, but Israeli forces routinely confiscate them from protesters.

Palestinian banners were violently snatched by Israeli police from mourners at Sherine Abu Akleh's funeral and her family home earlier this month. The Palestinian journalist was shot dead by Israeli forces on 11 May.

Activists have pointed out that the Palestinian flag is not technically banned in Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem, and so Israeli forces acted illegally by confiscating the banners.

Israeli police have also violently seized the flag from protesters in Sheikh Jarrah and other areas of the occupied Palestinian territories.

It remains a symbol of pride, defiance, and identity for Palestinians in all parts of historic Palestine.