Israeli police shoot down drone flying Palestinian flag at extremist 'Flag March'

Israeli police shoot down drone flying Palestinian flag at extremist 'Flag March'
A Palestinian flag was flown over a crowd of Israelis taking part in the annual nationalist 'Flag March' through Jerusalem on Sunday.
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30 May, 2022
Participants at the march chanted 'Death to Arabs' and insulted the Prophet Mohammed [source: Getty]

A drone flying the Palestinian flag was spotted over Jerusalem's Old City during an extremist 'Flag March' by far-right Israelis on Sunday. 

The small flying device, allegedly operated by Palestinian youths, soared over Damascus Gate in occupied East Jerusalem, according to video footage on social media. 

Below, thousands of Jewish Israelis were seen waving Israeli flags as well as chanting and shouting, despite Israel effectively banning Palestinians from displaying their national banner. 

"Palestinians succeeded to raise [the] Palestine flag with a drone above Israeli squatters near AlAmoud Gate in Jerusalem," wrote Ahmad Matar, a Palestinian activist from the Gaza Strip. 

The drone was later shot down by Israeli police, reported AFP.  

Israeli authorities then chased the Palestinian man who piloted the drone, according to media reports.

Thousands of Israelis, overwhelmingly men and young people, participated in the annual nationalist 'Flag March' through Jerusalem on Sunday, chanting "Death to Arabs" and insulting the Prophet Muhammed. 

At least 40 Palestinians were injured by Israeli forces and settlers using rubber bullets, truncheons and pepper spray, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent

Footage of the march shared on social media showed participants harassing and assalting local Palestinians, including the elderly. 

People on the ground who waved Palestinian flags were violently pursued by Israel's security forces. 

The Palestinian flag, a symbol of unity and solidarity for a people systematically displaced and oppressed by Israel, has been targeted by Israeli forces repeatedly, who often confiscate the flag and react with disproportionate violence. 

Earlier this month, Israeli authorities quickly confiscated Palestinian flags among mourners at the funeral of Shireen Abu Akleh, and then proceeded to harass and beat the crowd, including the journalist's pallbearers.