Palestinian fighters launch 'retaliatory attacks' on Israeli checkpoints after Jenin massacre

Palestinian fighters launch 'retaliatory attacks' on Israeli checkpoints after Jenin massacre
The Lions' Den Palestinian resistance group said that it had fired on Israeli positions following Thursday's massacre in the Jenin refugee camp.
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27 January, 2023
The Lion's Den have promised revenge for Thursday's massacre [Getty images]

Palestinian fighters reportedly launched "retaliatory operations" against Israeli forces across the West Bank in the early hours of Friday morning, after soldiers killed at least nine Palestinians in Jenin a day earlier, including an elderly woman. 

The Lions' Den armed group said its fighters had ordered attacks on Israeli positions near Nablus, in the north of the occupied West Bank, in response to the massacre. 

"At 2:27 am soldiers of the Den launched an ambush on groups of soldiers on Mount Jerezim, firing on Israeli positions and then withdrawing safely," the militia said in a statement. 

"Our heroic resistance will be your hands on the trigger, speaking the only language that the enemy understands - the language of blood and bullets."

The New Arab could not confirm the attacks, but such responses to Israeli violations are common by the Lions' Den.

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There was no mention of casualties and Israeli forces made no public statements about the alleged attacks. 

The Jenin faction of the Al-Quds Brigade - part of the Islamic Jihad movement - also announced military operations against the settlement of Homesh, to the south of Jenin. 

"Our fighters took aim at Homesh, firing multiple intense rounds at the settlement to the south of Jenin, avenging the massacre that took place yesterday," the group said on Friday morning. 

Elsewhere in the occupied West Bank, clashes broke out in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem on Thursday after settlers chanted racist slogans against Palestinian residents and hurled street furniture at local businesses. 

Other groups of settlers attacked groups of young Palestinians at the Damascus Gate in the Old City, insulting the Prophet Muhammad and threatening further violence against locals. 

Late in the afternoon, thousands of Palestinians took part in the funeral of the nine victims in Jenin, as protests broke out across the West Bank, with protesters confronting Israeli forces in several locations. 

A general strike was also observed in all West Bank cities and school classes were suspended for the day.