Naira Ashraf's killer to receive death sentence

Naira Ashraf's killer to receive death sentence
The femicide case regarding Egyptian 21-year-old university student Naira Ashrafhas been referred to the Grand Mufti for the final approval of a death sentence against the murderer, Mohamed Adel.
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Egypt - Cairo
28 June, 2022
The mother of murdered university of Mansoura student Naira Ashraf, reacts as she attends the first trial session of the presumed murderer Mohamed Adel, at the Mansoura courthouse, some 145km north of the capital Cairo, on 26 June 2022. [Getty]

An Egyptian criminal court referred the femicide case of 21-year-old university student Naira Ashraf to the Grand Mufti, who is now tasked with issuing religious edicts to approve a death sentence for the killer, local news outlets reported.

Earlier last week, the perpetrator, Mohamed Adel, was caught on camera stabbing his classmate, Ashraf, to death with a knife, and slitting her throat outside the campus of Mansoura University, located northwest of the Egyptian capital of Cairo, on Monday during daylight.

Adel confessed to the murder to authorities and said the reason for his crime was that Ashraf had repeatedly turned down his marriage proposal.       

The prosecutor general referred Adel to the local criminal court only a few days after he had been arrested and interrogated. The case was referred to the Mufti two days after the trial began in what was described by the media as "the fastest trial in Egypt's history".

Usually, the Mufti's approval in such cases is taken for granted.