#MosulOps: IS releases video of massive car bomb attacks

#MosulOps: IS releases video of massive car bomb attacks

A new IS propaganda video taken in Mosul shows drone footage of multiple devastating suicide car bombings and other military attacks against Iraqi forces.
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15 November, 2016
Troops have built road blocks to prevent car bombs from breaching the front lines [YouTube]

A new propaganda video released by the Islamic State group [IS] has revealed combat footage of the ongoing battle for Mosul, including multiple suicide car bombings and other attacks against Iraqi forces.

"God's Promise", as named by the group, was released late on Monday by the Wilayat Ninawa [Nineveh] media office.

It is the longest video released by IS since Iraqi forces began an offensive to retake the city from militant control.

Running for almost half an hour, the footage includes several drone shots of suicide car bomb attacks, ground shots of anti-tank missiles fired at Iraqi armoured vehicles and scenes of street-to-street fighting in Mosul.

"Our war against the infidels is a long war that has drained them, leaving only a few left over. They are on the verge of a massive collapse that will break their will," the video's narrator claims.

He also claims that 2,200 Iraqi and Kurdish soldiers have been killed so far during the Mosul offensive and that $420 million worth of equipment has been destroyed.

"Nine armoured vehicles, 18 bulldozers, 168 Humvees, 15 Abrams tanks, 33 BMPs, four T-90's, nine Predator drones and two MRAP armoured vehicles have been destroyed," the video also claimed.

      Over the past week, the Iraqi military has inched forward
slowly on Mosul [YouTube]

In other disturbing shots, IS troops can be seen kicking and stomping the dead bodies of Iraqi soldiers.

Over the past week, the Iraqi military has inched slowly towards Mosul city centre, trying to avoid casualties among their troops and civilians as suicide bombers in armour-plated vehicles charge at them from hideouts in densely populated areas.

"The only weapons they have left are car bombs and explosives," said Iraqi special forces Major General Sami al-Aridi as he radioed with commanders in the field. "There are so many civilian cars and any one of them could be a bomb," he said.

Troops have built berms and road blocks to prevent car bombs from breaching the front lines. Since last week's speedy advance into Mosul proper, they have struggled to hold territory under heavy IS counterattacks.

On Sunday, Iraqi troops entered the town of Nimrud south of Mosul where Islamic State militants destroyed artefacts at a nearby ancient Assyrian archaeological site.