Libya's UN ambassador criticises UN envoy

Libya's UN ambassador criticises UN envoy
Libya's UN ambassador has accused the UN Mission of lacking a 'clear vision' as a dialogue mediator after a decision on the proposed government was postponed.
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15 October, 2015
United Nations envoy for Libya, Bernardino Leon [AFP/Getty]
Libya's ambassador to the UN, Ibrahim al-Dabashi, has accused the United Nations Support Mission in Libya [UNSMIL] of lacking a clear vision in mediating dialogue between warring sides in the conflict.

Libya's Tobruk-based parliament postponed a decision on Tuesday on whether to accept the UN proposal.

Dabashi said in a statement on Thursday that UN envoy Bernardino Leon's method in managing the dialogue is "often confused and did not help the sides engaged in dialogue reach a solution."

Dabashi referred to a number of errors in his statement, including what he described as Leon's efforts to equate between the General National Congress [Tripoli-based government] and the internationally recognised Tobruk-based government [parliament].

Dabashi also said that Leon made an error when he tried to add amendments to the draft agreement without getting back to the signatories and when he announced the formation of a government without asking the approval of the two sides first.

Dabashi also wondered if Leon had acted alone when he announced the government formation proposal or if he had acted on the dictates of major international states.

The rival factions have been negotiating for months.

Leon proposed a national unity government headed by Fayez el-Sarraj, a deputy in the Tripoli government, and three deputy prime ministers, one each from the west, east and south of the country.