Lawyers in Morocco oppose government's mandatory Covid vaccine scheme

Lawyers in Morocco oppose government's mandatory Covid vaccine scheme
A group of lawyers in Morocco are opposing a government Covid vaccine mandate on human rights grounds.
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24 October, 2021
A group of lawyers are opposing a covid vaccine mandate [Getty]

A group of lawyers in Morocco have opposed a government coronavirus vaccine mandate that makes vaccination compulsory, citing human rights concerns.

The Moroccan Union of Lawyers announced its intention to fight the mandate, which states people would be compelled to provide a vaccine certificate to participate in the public sphere, including travelling in the city and entering public spaces.

Last week, the government announced it will be mandatory to present a vaccine certificate to use public transport, as well as to enter social spaces like cafes and restaurants.

In response, lawyers launched a petition, which has since garnered 20,000 signatures.

The move would be a "step back" from human rights developments, the lawyers said in a statement, adding that continuing on this path is a violation of the Moroccan constitution.

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Moroccan authorities have suspended travel from the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands over concerns about rising cases.

"Following the decision of the Moroccan authorities, all flights from Morocco to the United Kingdom, Germany and Netherlands are suspended until further notice. For this purpose, Royal Air Maroc supports its passengers by authorising the change and reimbursement," the flag carrier said in a press release.

Since 19 October, 23.2 million people in Morocco have received the first shot of the vaccine, and some 21.06 million people are fully vaccinated – with 776,546 having received the booster shot.

This means approximately 57 percent of the Moroccan population is fully vaccinated.