Morocco blocks all flights from UK, Germany and the Netherlands over Covid fears

Morocco blocks all flights from UK, Germany and the Netherlands over Covid fears
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21 October, 2021
Moroccan authorities have suspended flights to and from three of Europe's most Covid-stricken nations to stop the spread of the virus at home.

It is unclear when the ban on flights to Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom will end [Getty]

Morocco suspended all flights with three European countries as of Thursday over their rising coronavirus cases, as it introduced Covid passports.

Moroccan authorities halted flights to and from the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands from midnight on Wednesday, national carrier Royal Air Maroc said.

The flight ban has been put in place for an unspecified amount of time, the UK Foreign Office said.

While Covid-19 case numbers have dropped in Morocco, infection rates in parts of Europe have spiked, prompting Moroccan authorities to take measures to avoid another wave. The UK has the worst Covid infection rate in Europe, recording more than 48,000 new cases in a single day on Wednesday.

EasyJet operated flights from Morocco on Wednesday to bring back Britons who are still in the North African country, a popular winter sun holiday destination. The airline said it was waiting to see whether it was allowed to operate more repatriation flights after the ban came into effect.

The measures would remain in place "until further notice", according to Moroccan authorities.

Morocco announced earlier this week that it will begin introducing Covid passports as of Thursday.

The document will have to be presented when moving between local regions, and when using public or private transportation or entering government and private administrations.

It is also to be shown as proof of vaccination at tourist and leisure centres.