Kuwaiti patient cuts off Egyptian doctor's tongue in vicious assault

Kuwaiti patient cuts off Egyptian doctor's tongue in vicious assault
A Kuwaiti patient beat and cut off the tongue of an Egyptian doctor during an ear examination.
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22 October, 2020
The doctor was working in Kuwait, according to reports [Getty-file photo]

An Egyptian doctor has been subject to a horrific assault by a Kuwaiti patient resulting in the partial loss of her tongue, according local media reports this week.

The doctor, who allegedly works for the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital in Kuwait, was giving an ear examination to a Kuwaiti patient when the man began to verbally and physically abuse her.

During the assault, the man allegedly cut off part of the doctor's tongue.

After repeated appeals for help the doctor finally managed to contact her husband who took her to a local police station where she filed a case against the man.

Ahmed Ibrahim, head of Egypt’s labour representation office in Kuwait, confirmed the incident and said it had been recorded.

Egypt's ministry of manpower is also investigating the incident, according to Haitham Saad Eddin, the ministry's official spokesperson.

Manpower Minister Mohamed Saafan has instructed the Labour Representation Office at the Egyptian embassy in Kuwait to follow up on the doctor's condition and ensure that her rights are protected, according to Eddin.

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Activists say that Egyptian workers are frequently subject to racist verbal and physical attacks in Kuwait.

In July, an Egyptian cashier was hit at least three times by a Kuwaiti customer.

Tarek Ashour, the young man who was subject to the assault, responded on social media to Egyptians who had "shamed him" for not responding to the Kuwaiti man.

In May, a popular Kuwaiti Snapchat influencer was condemned for launching a racist tirade against Egyptians in the Gulf state, calling them "servants" and "hired workers".

In the shocking clip that emerged online, Reem Al-Shammari said that Kuwait is "only for Kuwaitis" and that Egyptians are "hired to serve" the local population.

Al-Shammari went on to claim that Egyptians are "not equal partners" to Kuwaitis and "the worst and dirtiest community in Kuwait".

Kuwait, like other Gulf Arab states, relies on a vast population of foreign workers to fill roles ranging from domestic help, construction work, to white-collar jobs.

Some 35 million foreign workers are employed in the six GCC states of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, as well as Jordan and Lebanon, according to UN figures.

Foreigners far outnumber locals in most Gulf states, accounting for over 80 percent of the population in some countries.

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