Kuwait expecting $15m delivery of Russian tanks

Kuwait expecting $15m delivery of Russian tanks
A military arms deal between Moscow and Kuwait will see a $15 million delivery of Russian tanks land in the Gulf state "soon", officials said.
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08 February, 2017
Kuwait was the first GCC nation to establish ties with Moscow [Getty]

Kuwait is expected to receive $15 million worth of Russian tanks as part of a military deal between the two nations, Russian ambassador Alexey Solomatin said on Monday, as he urged Gulf Arab states to halt provocations with Iran.

Russian ‘T-90ms' tanks will arrive in the Gulf state "soon", local Kuwait Times reported Solomatin as saying, during a press conference to mark Diplomats' Day.

"Bilateral trade has risen to more than $400 million, and there is a desire to increase this figure,” Solomatin said, while praising the first GCC nation to establish ties with Russia.

Meanwhile, the Russian diplomat discussed the ongoing Syrian situation and accused of countries of choosing "not to listen to facts" despite Moscow providing "evidence, pictures and documents" to justify its position in the conflict.

“We had to fight for the sake of Syrians, but after liberation, the Syrian people should build their country without interventions,” he said.

Meanwhile Solomatin urged leaders to calm tensions between Gulf Arab states and Tehran,  suggesting the “countries should not provoke each other."

Kuwait's foreign minister, responded to the comments by suggesting relations could only be repaired if Iran halts its meddling of Arab affairs - an accusation reiterated several times by GCC member states.