Palestinian teen killed by Israel was to graduate high school this year: father

Palestinian teen killed by Israel was to graduate high school this year: father
Conditions in the West Bank have dramatically deteriorated in recent weeks after Israeli forces intensified their raids on the occupied territories since the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.
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West Bank
19 April, 2022
Israeli forces have killed 19 Palestinians since the beginning of April, 48 in total since the start of the year. [Getty]

Eighteen-year-old Hanan Khudour is the latest Palestinian to be killed by Israeli forces in the West Bank, after she succumbed on Sunday to wounds caused by Israeli gunfire during an Israeli army raid on Jenin city in the northern part of the occupied West Bank nine days ago. 

Her father, Mahmoud Khudour told The New Arab that Hanan was "on her way back from Jenin to Faqoua, after attending a special course that she was signed up for when Israeli forces raided the eastern part of Jenin city."

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"She received a random bullet in her arm and another one in the stomach, which tore up her internal organs," her father said. "She had remained in the hospital and her condition stabilised, but in the past three days it seriously deteriorated, and yesterday she passed away."

Hanan Khudour was preparing for her high school final exams in June. "She was very focused on her studies, and was planning to study business administration after her graduation," her father added.

"Hanan's family is a regular, simple Palestinian family," Mofeed Jalghoum, a neighbour and friend of the family told The New Arab.

"Her father had been a prisoner in Israeli jails during the Intifada, and he and her mother had worked very hard to raise her and her three brothers," he added. "She was aware of her parents' struggle and wanted to make them proud."

Hanan Khudour had to travel to Jenin city every day for school, according to Jalghoum.

"She also attended special preparatory courses after school, and spent most of her time in Jenin city between school and after school classes, and in a way she was starting to make her own way in life," he noted.

Earlier on Monday, Israeli forces raided the village of Yamoun, near Jenin, clashing with Palestinian youth, and wounding six, two of whom are in serious condition.

"Israeli forces entered Yamoun in the morning and headed to the house of a teenager who had thrown stones at an Israeli fence. They searched the premises and arrested him," Mohammad Abdul Haijah, the secretary of the Palestinian faction Fatah in Yamoun, told The New Arab.

"Among the wounded was Lutfi Al-Labadi, 18, who is in a very critical condition, and doctors at the Jenin hospital told me that he has little chance of surviving," he added.

Tensions in the occupied West Bank have been high in recent weeks after Israel intensified its raids following several attacks by individual Palestinian in Israel that killed ten Israelis.

Earlier in April, Israeli prime minister Neftali Bennet declared that Israeli army will have "no restrictions" in their operations in the West Bank Palestinian towns and cities.

Later on Tuesday, the UN Security Council is scheduled to meet to discuss the recent escalation of violence in the Palestinian territories, especially following Israeli raids on the Al-Aqsa mosque in the past weeks.

Israeli forces have killed 19 Palestinians since the beginning of April, and 48 since the beginning of this year.