Jordan marks 25 years of King Abdullah's rule with 'Silver Jubilee' campaign

Jordan marks 25 years of King Abdullah's rule with 'Silver Jubilee' campaign
A new flag will be flown with the ‘Silver Jubilee’ logo and all government offices will adopt the emblem in a British-style marking of the monarch's rule.
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07 February, 2024
King Abdullah delivered a televised speech in which he said that Jordan can “always look forward to more resilience and prosperity” [GETTY]

Jordan has begun celebrating the 25th anniversary of King Abdullah’s accession to the throne with the unveiling of a new ‘Silver Jubilee’ logo and flag by the government on Wednesday.

The day marks 25 years since King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein’s assumption of constitutional powers to the Royal Hashemite Court of Jordan and the death of his father the late King Hussein bin Talal on 7 February 1999.

All public institutions, government departments and municipalities will adopt the ‘Silver Jubilee’ logo and use it in all official correspondence, the prime minister’s office said on Wednesday.

King Abdullah delivered a televised speech in which he said that Jordan can “always look forward to more resilience and prosperity” and reaffirmed the Kingdom’s support for Palestinians and an end to the Israeli occupation amid the ongoing war in Gaza.

Jordan’s official Petra news agency said the king had received congratulatory notes and remembrance messages paying tribute to the late King Hussein from senior government officials and civil society organisations.

The adoption of the ‘Silver Jubilee’ logo for all correspondence includes a new ‘Silver Jubilee’ flag which will be flown beside the Jordanian flag on all public buildings until the end of the year, Petra reported.

The British-style royal jubilee monogram follows the unveiling of an emblem last year for the wedding of Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II and Rajwa Al-Saif.

We are pleased to share with you the official logo to mark His Majesty King Abdullah II’s Silver Jubilee

Download the high-quality version here:

— RHC (@RHCJO) February 7, 2024

The intricate design interlaces the digits 2 and 5 with a royal crown, with ‘1999-2024’ written underneath, marking the years of the king’s reign.

Local news outlets took the day to reflect on Jordan’s transformative developments under King Abdullah's rule, which has seen the country’s rapid economic growth and strong local currency, despite regional unrest and juggling a large Syrian refugee population.

English-language newspaper Jordan Times noted that the country is “always described as an ‘oasis of stability’ in the Middle East.

Daily newspaper Al Ra’i reported that King Abdullah, Queen Rania, and other senior royals and government officials visited the shrine of the late king on Wednesday to read prayers and lay flower wreaths.

The announcement of the Jordanian royal family commemorating a ‘Silver Jubilee’ follows last summer’s extravagant multi-day celebrations for the wedding of the Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah and Saudi architect Rajwa Al Saif.

It saw the royal family showcase multiple parties and elaborate events in Jordan, including a free concert with Egyptian singer Tamer Hosny and a Henna party hosted by Queen Rania, as well as a reception for 1,700 guests, banquets, horse and camel motorcades and a national holiday.

At the time, observers commented that the flamboyant celebrations were unusual for an Arab royal family and were more in the style of their British counterparts, who are famed for their traditional pomp and ceremony and animated national events to mark royal weddings and jubilees.

Britain’s King Charles III has visited Jordan numerous times and is said to be close with King Abdullah II, who has British heritage through his mother and was educated in the UK.

The British have longstanding political and military ties with the kingdom which date back to its administration of Palestine and Transjordan following the First World War.