Israeli forces shoot and kill two young Palestinians in Jenin refugee camp

Israeli forces shoot and kill two young Palestinians in Jenin refugee camp
Israeli soldiers shot and killed two young men after a crowd of Palestinians threw petrol bombs at them on Tuesday.
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12 July, 2017
A crowd of young men carried Salah's body through the streets on Tuesday evening [Twitter/QNS]

Israeli forces killed two young Palestinian men and wounded three others after a crowd of young men threw bottles at them in the Jenin refugee camp on Tuesday evening.

Saad Nasser Hassan Salah, 21, and Auss Mohammad Yousef Salameh, 17, were both shot after Israeli soldiers clashed with a crowd of young people, ultimately firing live ammunition.

"The army was in the city of Jenin arresting a number of Palestinians – most of whom were former prisoners – before they raided the camp," said Mujahid al-Saadi, a local journalist.

Salah was shot in the head and died immediately, while Salameh was transferred with the injured to Khalil Suleiman hospital, later dying from his injuries.

Salah is not the first person in his family to suffer from excessive Israeli aggression. His brother, Yusuf, is currently in an Israeli prison for protesting in a similar manner, while his father is disabled, reportedly due to Israeli aggression.

Salah's uncle told the Palestinian media the Israeli army had "executed him in cold blood".

The Israeli forces said in a statement they had responded to attacks from the crowd involving Molotov cocktails.

Israeli forces conducted dawn raids on Wednesday morning, arresting 21 young men for their alleged involvement in the violence.