Israel searches for Hizballah tunnels

Israel searches for Hizballah tunnels
Suspicious noises under Israeli settlements spark search for Hizballah tunnels.
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29 January, 2015
The Israeli army has begun searching for Hizballah tunnels [AFP]
The Israeli army has begun drilling for tunnels dug by Hizballah.

The search began after residents in Israeli settlements bordering Lebanon claim to have heard excavation noises under their houses.

Excavations began over the past few days in the Zar'it settlement close to Shebaa Farms," reported Israeli website Ynetnews.

Israeli observers believe Hizballah has the capacity to build tunnels wide enough to move military vehicles as well as fighters. This would enable it to reach settlements deep within Israel and control them in any future conflict.

Some Israelis claim to have seen buses on the Lebanese side of the border, they believe are transporting rubble away from the tunnels.

This article is an edited translation from our Arabic edition.