Israel passes new bill targeting Palestinian lawmakers

Israel passes new bill targeting Palestinian lawmakers
Palestinian-Israeli MPs appear to be the target of a controversial new law passed by the Israeli parliament today, which allows lawmakers to be expelled for 'inciting against the state'.
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20 July, 2016
Israel's parliament passed the new law early Wednesday [Getty]

Israel has passed a controversial new law, which critics say targets Palestinian members of parliament.

The new bill allows for MPs to be expelled if they are deemed to be inciting against the Israeli state.

Israel's Knesset passed the bill early on Wednesday, and means if three quarters of Israel's 120 MPs agree, then a lawmaker can be expelled for inciting racism or supporting violence against the state.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu backed the bill, saying that "those who support terrorism ... won't serve in Israel's Knesset", while opposition members called the measure anti-democratic.

Those who will be likely targeted by the bill is Israel's Palestinian lawmakers, many of whom oppose the Israeli state.

Three MPs recently paid a condolence visit to the family of a Palestinian shot dead by security forces and accused of attacking Israelis.

Dissenters say they will appeal to Israel's Supreme Court to cancel the bill.