Israel to demolish home of youth who sparked intifada

Israel to demolish home of youth who sparked intifada
Israel is set to demolish the home of Muhanned Halabi, the Palestinian youth who was killed by occupation troops at the beginning of October and whose death ignited the uprising.
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29 December, 2015
A relative of a Palestinian killed by Israeli forces, in her demolished house [Anadolu]
The Israeli High court of justice are set to ahead with the demolition of a home belonging to the family of Muhanned Halabi, a Palestinian who was killed by Israel forces at the beginning of October.

"The laywer called me this evening [Monday] and informed me that the Israeli court rejected the appeal of the decision to demolish the house," Muhannad’s father Shafiq al-Halabi told The New Arab.  

The family were initially informed of the decision on October 15 when the Israeli army broke into the family home. 

The Halabi family were given ten days to appeal the decision that would lead to the demolishing of the two-story home. 

Muhanned Halabi's death was said to have fuelled the escalation in the Palestinian territories.  

"According to what I see, the third Intifada was launched," Halabi wrote the night before he was killed. "How long will this humiliation and shame last?...Resistance is within the limits of the law and is a legitimate framework." 

Reports say that Halabi was killed after he fatally stabbed two Israeli settlers. 

It is common practice for Israel to demolish the family homes of those who allegedly carry out attacks against Israel.  

The UN have said that the practice amounts to collective punishment, which is illegal under international law