Iran takes flight with 'historic' Boeing aviation deal

Iran takes flight with 'historic' Boeing aviation deal
The recent lifting of sanctions on Iran has allowed the country to explore avenues to boost its civil aviation fleet, with a historic deal with Boeing on the horizon.
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17 June, 2016
The US government gave Boeing the green light last February [AFP]
Iran is expected to seal the biggest aviation deal with US aerospace giant Boeing since the 1979 revolution forced sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

Ministers and aviation-giant Boeing reached an agreement in what is described as the nation's most “historic aircraft purchase deal” according to state media.

Boeing, which received a green-light to resume sales with Iran in February, also confirmed the news, stating "we have been engaged in discussions with Iranian airlines approved by the USG (US government) about potential purchases of Boeing commercial passenger airplanes and services.

"We do not discuss details of ongoing conversations we are having with customers, and our standard practice is to let customers announce any agreements that are reached," it said.

Iran has purchased 200 planes from other Western manufacturers since sanctions were lifted.

European Airbus sold 118 planes after nearly two decades of sanctions isolated the country from chasing such deals.

Iranian aviation boats a fleet of just 140 aircrafts with many in dire need of replacement.