Iran has pulled troops from Syria, says Kerry

Iran has pulled troops from Syria, says Kerry
US Secretary of State John Kerry told a congressional committee on Thursday that Iran has withdrawn a "significant number" of its troops from Syria ahead of planned ceasefire.
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26 February, 2016
Iran has admitted to sending what it calls 'military advisors' to Syria [AFP]

Iran has withdrawn a "significant number" of its Revolutionary Guards troops from the Syrian battlefield, US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Thursday.

A key ally and backer of Syria's President Bashar al-Assad, Iran has sent members of the elite force to act as "advisers" to Syrian regime forces and to organise militia units with volunteers from Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Tehran also arms and supports Lebanon's Hizballah movement, which has itself dispatched forces to shore up the Syrian regime against local rebel forces.

But Kerry, speaking two days before a tentative ceasefire is due to take effect in the long-running civil war, told a congressional committee that Tehran's direct involvement had been reduced.

"The IRGC has actually pulled its troops back from Syria. Ayatollah Khamenei pulled a significant number of troops out. Their presence is actually reduced in Syria," Kerry told US lawmakers, referring to Iran's supreme leader, Ali Khamenei.

"That doesn't mean that they're still not engaged and active in the flow of weapons from Syria through Damascus to Lebanon. We're concerned about that and there's an ongoing concern."

Kerry did not give the source of his information in the open hearing, but he invited the lawmakers "to get the intel briefing."

Earlier this month, Iran's air defence commander said his country is prepared to provide the Syrian government with "aerial advisory assistance" a day after Saudi Arabia deployed combat aircraft to Turkey.

Observers believes that the reduction of Iranian troops in Syria might be due to Russia's military intervention in the country since September.

Tehran has never released official figures for the number of its troops present in Syria, but since October last year more than 100 Iranians have been killed there, including some senior IRGC commanders, according to estimates.

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