Iran's attack on Israel sought to avoid casualties, says IRGC commander

Iran's attack on Israel sought to avoid casualties, says IRGC commander
A senior IRGC commander said that Iran's weekend attack was not intended to inflict casualties on Israel, which is why they waited before acting.
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18 April, 2024
Iran stated that the attack it launched on Israel on Saturday night was not intended to cause casualties [Getty]

Iran did not intend to cause casualties in the attack mounted last Saturday night on Israel, Iranian Brigadier General Rasoul Sanaei-Rad, the Lieutenant Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) said on Wednesday.

The reason Iran's response to the targeting of the Iranian consulate in Damascus on 1 April sought to avoid casualties was that "if five had died among [Israel's] women and children, then the Zionists would have prompted an uproar against us", Sanaei-Rad added in an interview with Iran's Tasnim news agency.

Iran's attack on Israel came after it had become clear there was nothing in place to deter Israel from continuing its aggressive acts, he said.

"Therefore we decided to bring a halt to the assassinations and crimes on the one hand and to punish the aggressor on the other" he added.

He indicated that Iran had given the Israelis several days to prepare; "however, if they commit a new act of foolishness, no such opportunity will be given and we will direct a multi-pronged and devastating strike against them."

Sanaei-Rad confirmed that the Iranian response placed Israel "before a new equation".

Early on Wednesday, during a military parade to mark the Islamic Republic of Iran Army Day, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi reiterated Tehran’s assurance that it would not hesitate to take a swift and decisive response to any Israeli attack on it and its interests.

In reference to Iran’s attack last Saturday night against Israel, Raisi said that it "had ended the prestige of the Zionist entity and had been a carefully thought-out and precise response".

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He emphasised that this response conveyed a message to the US and Israel's other protectors, telling them that the Iranian forces "were powerful and at peak preparedness to respond to any threat".

He continued, saying: "Any Israeli act of aggression on Iran, however slight, will be met by a fierce and severe response."

He also attributed the fact that the Americans were no longer talking about resorting to the "military option" against Iran to the "deterrent power and ability" of its armed forces.

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Translated by Rose Chacko