Spokesman for Yemen's Houthis under fire for wearing ‘$30,000 Rolex' at Raisi inauguration

Spokesman for Yemen's Houthis under fire for wearing ‘$30,000 Rolex' at Raisi inauguration
A spokesman for Yemen's Houthi rebels has been criticized for reportedly wearing a Rolex watch valued at $30,000 to Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi's inauguration amid widespread poverty in Yemen.
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08 August, 2021
Mohamed Abdul Salam was seen wearing the watch at the inauguration of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi [Getty]

A spokesperson for Yemen's Houthi rebels has come under fire on social media for wearing what looks to be a Rolex watch at a public engagement.

Houthi spokesperson Mohammed Abdul Salam wore the expensive-looking watch while attending the inauguration ceremony of new President Ebrahim Raisi in Tehran on Thursday, Saudi news outlet Al-Arabiya reported.

Hamed Tavakoli, an Iranian watch expert, put the price of Abdul Salam’s watch at $30,000.

Opponents of the Houthis were quick to note that Abdul Salam was wearing the luxury watch while millions of Yemenis were living in near-starvation conditions in one of the world’s poorest countries.

“People are starving in Yemen and money is looted by the leaders of the terrorist group,” said Mohammed Al-Hudhaifi, a Yemeni journalist for Saudi outlet Al-Akhbariya

Yemen has been embroiled in a civil war since 2014, when the Iran-backed Houthis swept across much of the north and seized the capital, Sanaa, forcing the internationally recognised government into exile.

Both the Houthis and the Yemeni government have been accused of corruption while civilians living in the areas they control starve.

Abdul Salam has been criticised before for his taste in extravagant watches. He wore what Tavakoli said was a $25,000 Rolex back in May 2019.