Hacker claims Morocco bribed UN petitioners over Western Sahara

Hacker claims Morocco bribed UN petitioners over Western Sahara
'Morocco's Ed Snowden' claims that he has obtained classified documents revealing bribery at the UN's Fourth Committee.
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13 October, 2016
Morocco is currently at odds with Algeria and the Polisario Front over Western Sahara [AFP]
Confidential documents reveal that Morocco bribed foreign petitioners to support the kingdom's stance on Western Sahara at the UN, a hacker has claimed.

Chris Coleman says that Morocco's Foreign Affairs Ministry "told the director general of the Morocco agency for international cooperation to bribe six petitioners at the UN."

His claims are based on confidential correspondence from 2012.

Coleman's allegations were reported by state-owned news agency of Algeria – a country that has aligned itself with the separatist Polisario Front.

Tensions between the kingdom and the separatists have risen sharply in recent months, with the Polisario's top foreign envoy warning of the likelihood of violence earlier in October.

Another foreign ministry document seen by Coleman – whose pseudonym is likely taken from the name of Wales' football manager – shows the names of the petitioners and the subjects they were required to raise.

If true, the hacker's allegations show a manipulation of proceedings at the UN's Fourth Committee.

Chris Coleman emerged in October 2014 when he leaked documents from Morocco's foreign ministry on the internet and hinted at ministerial malfeasance.

The hacker reappeared in March 2015 to leak a mixture of private emails, contact details and internal documents from the foreign ministry.

In an interview with a French journalist, the hacker stated that his aim is to "destabilise Morocco".