Dozens of Palestinians injured in Israeli West Bank raids

Dozens of Palestinians injured in Israeli West Bank raids
Dozens of Palestinians were wounded during clashes that erupted in the towns of Al-Bireh, Silwad and Jenin, according to Palestinian security sources and eyewitnesses.
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07 November, 2021
Israeli forces launched a campaign of attacks and destroyed many homes that they searched, according to the sources [Getty]

The Israeli forces wounded dozens of Palestinians during clashes that erupted Saturday night in various places in the occupied West Bank, Palestinian security sources and eyewitnesses said on Sunday. 

Israeli forces carried out numerous raids in the town of Al-Bireh, Silwad and Jenin, according to local sources.

The forces also carried out violent raids on many homes while residents were subjected to questioning.

As a result of these raids, dozens of Palestinians suffered moderate suffocation injuries, local reports said.

Two young men, one of them in a serious condition, were wounded by live bullets, the Ramallah-based ministry said in a press statement received by The New Arab.

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In the Nablus governorate, three civilians were injured with fractures and bruises due to attacks carried out by settlers on the homes of citizens in the village of Burin.

Local eyewitnesses said that settlers attacked citizens' homes on the eastern side of Burin, from which the house of Ibrahim Eid was known, and attacked the residents.

Several citizens, including Adel Eid, sustained a broken hand, and Khaled Bashir and his brother Ahmed were bruised.

Clashes erupted in the area, during which the Israeli forces fired stun grenades and tear gas canisters at the residents, causing a number of them to suffocate.

Villages and towns, especially adjacent to settlements, witness continuous attacks by settlers against farmers and their lands under the protection of the Israeli army, coinciding with the start of the olive harvest season.