Ceasefire statement exposes cracks in Libya Dawn alliance

Ceasefire statement exposes cracks in Libya Dawn alliance
Analysis: The alliance of Islamist militias appears divided over a Friday's ceasefire statement. But observers say that will only matter if Libya's army holds fire.
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18 January, 2015
Libya Dawn appears divided for the first time [Anadolu]

Some of the leaders of a loose alliance of Islamist militias have rejected a ceasefire statment issued on behalf of Dawn of Libya on Friday calling for a peaceful solution to the conflict in Libya. 

"We have only held weapons so we can end injustice, stop oppressors and eliminate anyone who threatens peace and security," the statement read.

It came as a response to calls by the international community and world organisations for a ceasefire and peaceful solution to the conflict and amid UN mediation efforts.

     UN special envoy Leon has complained that political decisions are not followed on the ground.

Sources say it was issued after Bernardino Leon, special representative of the UN secretary general in Libya, complained to former MP Fathi Bashaga that Libyan leaders and representatives of armed factions could not follow political decisions.

Bashaga then ordered Ahmed Hadiya, spokesman for the Central Libyan Shield Force, to issue the statement, which he did without consulting leaders in the east and west.

The statement said Dawn of Libya forces would also seek to open safe routes so humanitarian assistance could be delivered to those in needs, and those trapped by the fighting moved to safer locations.

Analysts argue that disagreements over whether or not to stop the military operations could signal division between members of Dawn of Libya for the first time.

Observers have played down the importance of the statement, especially because forces of former army general Khalifa Haftar in east Libya, and of the tribal army in west Libya have not halted military operations. 

On Sunday, however, the army of the internationally recognised government announced it too would cease fire.

This article is an edited translation from our Arabic edition.