Al Araby TV crew, other journalists attacked by the Israeli army in Jenin

Al Araby TV crew, other journalists attacked by the Israeli army in Jenin
Journalists including from Al Araby TV were targeted by Israeli snipers who opened fire, resulting in the destruction of their equipment.
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04 July, 2023

Jenin's refugee camp main square, before 11 am on Monday. It's been more than 10 hours since the Israeli army began aerial and ground attacks on the camp. The scene is one of destruction on a broad scale. Earlier, the Israeli army's armoured personnel carriers and bulldozers had moved to a nearby location.

Al Araby TV reporter Ameed Shehadeh and camera operator Rabie Munier have been in the area covering the Israeli incursion since 1 am, transmitting live images of the unfolding events, including ambulance cars rushing to hospitals. The live images, Ameed said, were picked up by many TV channels, including Israeli ones. 

At around 10 am, the Al Araby TV crew set up position in the square. 

"We chose this spot because the Israeli bulldozers had just retreated," Ameed told The New Arab

Shortly before 11 am, a sand-coloured Israeli army jeep came into view. 

"As soon as we saw the front of the vehicle, we took cover inside a home's staircase," Ameed, who is 35, has been with Al Araby TV for four years. In addition to the Al Araby team, two photographers from the Anadolu agency and one from Ruptly were also present.

The Israeli army jeep stopped in the middle of the road, and immediately shots were heard. A close look at a video of the bizarre incident captured by Ruptly's Aboud Younes reveals that at least two Israeli soldiers fired live shots towards a mounted camera and transmitter. The shooting lasted for nearly fifty seconds. 

"I believe I'm sure it was a deliberate targeting of the Al Araby TV camera, not just the camera but also the transmitter," Ameed said. 

"We were only a meter away from our equipment under attack," he added.

The firing of live ammunition persisted until the transmitter was blown up, and the camera fell off the tripod.

The journalists took shelter in a nearby house, where they remained trapped until they were escorted out of the house by the Red Cross and Red Crescent and evacuated by ambulance to Khalil Suleiman Governmental Hospital. 

Ameed Shehadeh
Amidst the extensive destruction in the Jenin refugee camp, Ameed Shehadeh from Al Araby was captured sitting on a smashed car.
[Ameed Shehadeh]

The Al Araby TV network has condemned the attack. 

"This direct attack, recorded and documented by media outlets, reveals a blatant targeting of journalist crews and their equipment for no reason other than deliberately harming journalists, hindering their work and disrupting their coverage, which is a clear violation of international human rights norms and standards guaranteeing the safety of journalists". 

In addition to the incident in Jenin, Al-Araby TV cameraman Osama Saleh was directly targeted with gas bombs while on the eastern borders of the Gaza Strip. As a result, he sustained injuries to his leg and received immediate medical treatment at the scene.

The Israeli offensive on Jenin entered its second on Tuesday. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, the reported death toll in Jenin has now risen to 10.

An Israeli military spokesperson stated that the Israeli forces have questioned more than 110 Palestinian suspects and uncovered five weapon manufacturing facilities containing hundreds of explosive devices. 

Meanwhile, a general strike was observed throughout the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, as a show of solidarity with Jenin.