African leaders meet in Congo to discuss Libya crisis

African leaders meet in Congo to discuss Libya crisis
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09 September, 2017
African Union leaders are in Congo's capital Brazzaville to discuss possible ways to end the war in Libya.
Congo's capital is hosting the African Union summit on Libya [AFP]

African leaders flew into the Congolese capital Brazzaville for talks on Saturday to tackle the political crisis that has enguled Libya.

Among those attending the special African Union conference on Libya is South African President Jacob Zuma, who has offered support in mediation and reconstruction in the oil-rich country, which has been engulfed in fighting since 2011.

"South Africa remains ready to assist Libya in post-reconstruction and development efforts and to share our country’s experiences in reconciliation, constitution-building and the democratic transformation of the state," Zuma said in a statement.

"Furthermore, South Africa reiterates the importance of coordinated and harmonised international engagement in Libya."

Fayez al-Sarraj is representing the UN-recognised unity government in the talks, but his rival Khalifa Haftar will not attend.

Aguila Salah, head of the rival eastern parliament, will attend in Haftar's place.

Other leading figures and heads from Algeria, Egypt, Mauritania, Congo and Uganda will participate in the Libyan Committee talks.

Libya saw violence erupt during the 2011 overthrow of long-time Muammar Gaddafi, which saw the country divided in a power struggle between two rival governments.

Militias have looked to assert their control over the country, including some linked to the Islamic State group and al-Qaeda.

Libya has also become a staging post for mass migration from Africa to Europe.

Libya had close relations with many African countries under Gaddafi, who helped friendly governments with aid, while backing militias opposed to rival leaders.