Hospitalised Palestinian prisoners refuse to meet Red Cross delegates

Hospitalised Palestinian prisoners refuse to meet Red Cross delegates
Palestinian detainees in Ramle prison have refused to receive Red Cross delegates in protest against the organisation's decision to cut down on family visits.
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11 July, 2016
Palestinian prisoners will receive family visits just once a month [Anadolu]
In protest against International Red Cross' decision to cut down family prison visits to just once a month, hospitalised Palestinian prisoners in Ramle refused to receive the organisation's delegates during their visit.

Representatives for the prisoners said that the strike will continue until the Red Cross reverse their decision or until they provide a genuine and compelling justification for doing so.

"The action was taken as a result of the reduction in the budget," read a statement from the Red Cross at the time, commenting on the cost of buses to transport families to and from prisons in Israel. 

Many detainees in Ramle prison are suffering from psychological difficulties due to their situation, made worse by a lack of medical treatment.

Jalal Sharawna's leg was amputated after he was shot and his health has deteriorated significantly since. However, he is unable to get an operation for a prosthetic limb. Already suffering from this trauma, the woes of the 17-year-old from Hebron will only get worse now that he cannot meet his family regularly. 

Another prisoner, Rami Thawabteh, 25, from the town of Beit Fajar in Bethlehem suffers from diabetes and is given an insulin shot three times a day. He is currently in hospital after his symptoms became worse.

Additionally, wounded wheelchair-bound prisoner, Hassan al-Qadi from Nablus, is also suffering multiple health conditions, with several infected bullet wounds in the spine and the foot. Israeli forces arrested him a month ago before moving him to Ramle clinic.

Red Cross' decision to decrease family visits for prisoners like Hassan, Rami and Jalal, caused outrage when it was announced last month.

"The prisoners' national movement rejects the Red Cross’ decision, and considers it a step back for the rights and achievements of Palestinian prisoners" the Palestinian Prisoners Association said in a statement at the time.

"They [prisoners] paid a heavy price during the course of their struggle against the occupation."