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Amine Snoussi

Amine Snoussi


Amine Snoussi is a political analyst based in Tunis.

In-depth: Extremist groups have seized upon the recent death of a teenager to mobilise across France, with the far-right increasingly organised, and growing.

12 December, 2023

Analysis: Months after signing a controversial €1 billion deal in July to stem irregular migration, Tunisia's relations with the EU have soured, with further implications for human rights within the country.

05 October, 2023

In-depth: In the coastal city of Sfax, escalating racial tensions between local Tunisians and sub-Saharan African migrants have sparked violent clashes, anti-migrant protests, and mass deportations.

11 July, 2023

In-depth: The killing of Nahel M shows how little has changed in France's social housing estates, where police violence, racism, and inequality remain rife.

05 July, 2023

Analysis: The EU is offering a huge financial aid package to Tunisia in return for stopping migration, with Kais Saied taking full advantage of Europe's fears.

19 June, 2023

In-depth: Press freedom was seen as one of the key gains of the 2011 revolution, but under Kais Saied's increasingly authoritarian rule the future of independent journalism looks bleak.

24 May, 2023

In-depth: Tunisia's political opposition has been unable to find a common strategy against the return of authoritarian rule under Kais Saied.

27 April, 2023

In-depth: Recent arrests of president Saied's political opponents and critics mark an escalation of authoritarian tactics and invoke traumatic memories of former dictator Ben Ali's repressive rule.

23 February, 2023

In-depth: The worldwide success of tennis star Ons Jabeur and other athletes has sparked a growth of individual sports in Tunisia where, despite a lack of government funding and support, there is a wealth of talent waiting to be discovered.

02 February, 2023

In-depth: Tunisian dissidents, opposition figures, and officials have faced arbitrary restrictions on their movement under President Kais Saied's authoritarian rule.

16 January, 2023