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Alba Nabulsi

Alba Nabulsi


Alba Nabulsi is a Palestinian-Italian journalist, lecturer, and translator based in Padua, Italy. 


Follow her on Instagram: @nabulsi_girl_in_italy

A Sapienza University meeting in Rome gathers hundreds around the Committee for the liberation of the Italian-Palestinian student Khaled El Qaisi, detained by Israel without charges

16 September, 2023

The New Arab Meets: UN Special Rapporteur on the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Francesca Albanese. A long defender of Palestinian rights, she reiterates the importance of international law in holding Israel accountable for its apartheid regime.

31 March, 2023

Rather than focusing on art for art's sake, Palestinian visibility at major art fairs has been a struggle fraught with issues of eligibility and censorship. But after a highly successful exhibition at the Venice Biennale, that might all be changing.

05 January, 2023