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Aman Al Bezreh

Aman Al Bezreh

Al Bezreh

Aman Al Bezreh is a trilingual journalist, a media training consultant at OpenDemocracy and a security analyst for West Africa and the Sahel. 


Follow her on Twitter: @AmanBezreh

Ramadan TV series are targeting younger audiences with fewer soap dramas and more gritty content. But what does this say about the region's viewing habits?

06 April, 2024

Analysis: The Gabon coup is the latest in a series of turbulent regime changes in West Africa that have eroded France's diplomatic grip on its former colonies.

04 September, 2023

Analysis: Amid the emergence of new leaders fostering ties with Russia following coups in the Sahel, the future of French operations in Niger and relations with the region appear bleak.

03 August, 2023

Analysis: Amid the crumbling of established peace accords, the withdrawal of international troops, and the rise of Russia's influence in Mali, can Algeria play a role in bringing stability to the Sahel?

09 January, 2023

Award-winning Syrian director Soudade Kaadan is a woman of many talents. Gracefully shifting between cinema and theatre, Soudade's work and legacy have broken new ground for Arab female directors, with her Syrian identity fundamental to her process.

15 December, 2022

The New Arab Meets: Nomadic Tuareg band, Tamikrest. Following in the esteemed footprints of famed Tuareg bands gone by, Tamikrest has since established themselves as stalwarts of the desert blues style, a reflection of their Saharan essence.

06 May, 2022