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Zoe Lafferty

Zoe Lafferty

Zoe Lafferty

Zoe Lafferty is associate artistic director at The Freedom Theatre in Jenin Refugee Camp, Palestine and founder of Artists On The Frontline

As Israel manipulates the truth and silences Palestinian voices to justify its violence, art and culture are powerful tools of resistance, writes Zoe Lafferty.

14 December, 2023

The Freedom Theatre’s Zoe Lafferty recounts her experiences trying to reach Jenin during Israel’s attacks. Palestinians know this won’t be the last time the army raids the camp, which only makes international solidarity more urgent, she writes.

18 July, 2023

The British Museum has faced growing criticism over its funding, how it sourced ancient artefacts and its treatment of workers. Activists are calling on the institution to start making ethical decisions by cutting ties with BP, writes Zoe Lafferty.

14 February, 2023

The German Stuttgart Theatre withdrawing a Lifetime Achievement Prize from renowned play-right Caryl Churchill over her solidarity with Palestine, is an ongoing attempt to silence allies of BDS. This must be fought collectively, writes Zoe Lafferty.

24 November, 2022

The recent arrest of The Freedom Theatre’s board chair, Bilal Al-Saadi, is not an isolated incident explains Zoe Lafferty, who says that Israel’s long history of targeting Palestinian artists and work as a silencing strategy must be resisted.

03 October, 2022

Zoe Lafferty explains how the first Palestinian Feminist Theatre Festival, which opened in Jenin Refugee Camp, is an antidote to Israel’s gendered violence.

17 August, 2022

This month marks 20 years since Israel stormed Jenin refugee Camp, killing over 50 Palestinians. As tensions rise once again and death surrounds the people of Jenin, The Freedom Theatre provides a space of solidarity and action, writes Zoe Lafferty.

18 April, 2022