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Rosabel Crean

Rosabel Crean


Rosabel Crean is a freelance journalist based in Beirut, Lebanon

Film review: Israelism uncovers how young American Jews are rethinking their support for Israel, facing criticism as they speak up for Palestinian rights.

07 June, 2024

Some 800,000 people inside Al-Fashir city have no escape route from incoming attacks by the Rapid Support Forces' Janjaweed as violence in Sudan spreads.

26 April, 2024

If the vote had passed it would have paved the way for Palestinian UN member status, bringing the occupied territory a step closer to independence.

20 April, 2024

The results show increasing public support for stopping arms sales to Israel, despite the position of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

12 April, 2024

Famine, massacres and the destruction of hospitals are just some of the atrocities which have been inflicted on the people of Gaza since October 2023.

06 April, 2024

Gaza's health workers are operating in dire conditions and dealing with 'mass casualties' on a scale beyond any previous thresholds, leading NGOs said.

05 April, 2024

A British-Palestinian man whose family are in Gaza is bringing a legal case against the government for its suspension of funding to UNRWA.

29 March, 2024

Aid agencies have cast doubt over Israel's plans to once again relocate Palestinians in Gaza ahead of the anticipated invasion of Rafah.

14 March, 2024

Analysts suggested that Washington’s decision to build a temporary pier and resorting to air drops suggests a deepening rift with its closest ally

08 March, 2024

The five stage plan was proposed by Cyprus in November and endorsed by the EU this week, and could see aid arrive to Gaza on daily shipments.

07 March, 2024