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Matt Unicomb is a news and culture journalist based in Berlin, where he’s currently the online editor of Exberliner.

Matt Unicomb


Matt Unicomb is an Australian journalist based in Berlin. He was previously the online editor of the news, politics and culture magazine Exberliner.

In-depth: In Berlin, pro-Palestine demonstrations were banned and activists were attacked by police for wearing keffiyehs, marking a new level of repression in an already hostile environment.

24 May, 2022

In-depth: Legal experts tell The New Arab why the German broadcaster is on shaky legal ground with its decision to terminate seven Arab employees accused of anti-Semitism based on years-old social media activity.

18 February, 2022

In-depth: Following BDS victories in Australia, Europe, and the US and a growing wave of pro-Palestine support globally, Israel is reviving a controversial multi-million dollar propaganda tool to spread its message.

04 February, 2022

The star tennis player’s saga has put international attention back on Australia’s cruel and illegal treatment of asylum seekers. Now that Djokovic has been deported, we must continue highlighting these abuses, writes Matt Unicomb.

17 January, 2022

In Germany's witch-hunt against Arab journalists, accusations of anti-Semitism are weaponised to silence pro-Palestinian voices. This conflation of anti-Semitisim and anti-Zionism is a defining trait of German public discourse, writes Matt Unicomb.

05 January, 2022

In-depth: After Angela Merkel’s 16-year era-defining reign, a new coalition government will take on the task of reshaping Germany’s foreign and domestic policy.

08 December, 2021

In-depth: Turkish workers were invited to Germany to help rebuild post-war society. Decades later, Germans of Turkish descent are the country’s largest minority and familiar faces in all walks of life, from sport and science to music and film.

25 November, 2021

Noam Ohana, an investor and former Israeli army special forces volunteer, served as a company director at Boiler Room, a company with a pro-Palestine stance, for seven years.

04 November, 2021

In-Depth: Hundreds of journalists and academics have signed an open letter supporting Nemi El-Hassan, a prize-winning journalist criticised for her 2014 appearance at a controversial pro-Palestine rally.

24 September, 2021