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James Denselow


James is a writer and researcher on Middle East politics and security issues. His work has been in published in Chatham House, among other think tanks, as well as The Guardian, The Huffington Post and the New Statesman. Twitter: @jamesdenselow

Review: The new Star Wars film struggles to reflect modern day attitudes towards organised, armed rebellions, writes James Denselow.

22 December, 2017

Comment: The collapsing 'caliphate' has exposed the significant differences between American and Russian visions for Syria, writes James Denselow.

15 November, 2017

Comment: Hidden beneath the country's famously complex geopolitics is an insidious gun culture that needs to be addressed, writes James Denselow.

24 July, 2017

Comment: IS looks set for defeat in Mosul, but they don't need to raise the black flag to have an impact, writes James Denselow.

04 July, 2017

Comment: As the battle for Mosul reaches its zenith, it's worth considering the huge scale of the reconstruction challenge ahead, writes James Denselow.

30 May, 2017

Comment: Tunisia's tourism industry is essential to bringing down unemployment figures. It is high time the UK government reviewed its travel advice, writes James Denselow.

11 May, 2017

Comment: For too long, discussions about the future of Syria have focused on visions of Syria itself rather than the visions of Syrians, writes James Denselow.

20 April, 2017

Comment: Despite recent violence reminding us that the Syrian conflict is by no means over, debate is raging around how the country will be rebuilt, writes James Denselow.

21 March, 2017

Comment: As Turkey carves out an area in northern Syria under Operation Euphrates Shield, James Denselow asks what kind of vision Ankara has for the space it is slowly securing.

06 December, 2016

Comment: Lebanese plans to build a wall around the Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp should refocus international attention on the plight of Palestinians in Lebanon, writes James Denselow.

27 November, 2016