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Ibrahim Husseini

Ibrahim Husseini

Ibrahim Husseini is The New Arab's correspondent based in East Jerusalem. Follow him on Twitter: @husseiniibrahim

According to an estimate by a Palestinian official, Israel has deducted nearly US$400 million, money needed to pay employees in Gaza.

22 January, 2024

EU to support Palestinian banking sector and businesses as economy contracts under the weight of war on Gaza and Israel's withholding of PA's tax revenues

18 January, 2024

The old bible passage has a long history of being used by militant, far-right Jewish groups to justify massacring Palestinians.

16 January, 2024

One Israeli woman was killed and at least 17 wounded in multiple car rammings in Ra'anana, central Israel.

15 January, 2024

The sit-in at the university has been going on for more than 3 weeks, and the students' demands bore "no relation to politics", said a student to local media.

15 January, 2024

The genocide case is widely regarded as a test for the applicability of international law towards a State often accused of acting above the law with impunity.

11 January, 2024

Hearings are expected in The Hague this week. South Africa is also seeking an emergency suspension of Israel's military campaign on Gaza. 

09 January, 2024

The move comes as the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu works to clamp down on the rights of Palestinian citizens of Israel.

04 January, 2024

Israel's assassination in Beirut of senior Hamas leader Saleh al-Arouri has been greeted angrily by Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza

03 January, 2024

An Israeli military court has given prominent activist Munther Amira four months of 'administrative detention' amid an ongoing campaign of arrests.

01 January, 2024