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Yasser Louati


Yasser Louati is a French political analyst and head of the Committee for Justice & Liberties (CJL). He hosts a hit podcast called "Le Breakdown with Yasser Louati" in English and "Les Idées Libres" in French.

Omar Sy’s film telling the story of Senegalese colonial soldiers, has lifted the lid on the horrific treatment of Africans who were enlisted by France in WWI and WWII. This pressure must be capitalised on to bring justice, writes Yasser Louati.

13 January, 2023

Israel’s recent deportation of Salah Hammouri shows both the ongoing crimes committed against Palestinians, and France’s complicity for accepting his forced arrival in Paris, and historically failing to condemn Israeli policies, argues Yasser Louati.

22 December, 2022

Since the far-right Sweden Democrats took power a few months ago as they joined the new coalition government, their anti-migrant and islamophobic views have been shaping policy. This promises a dark future for minorities, writes Yasser Louati.

02 December, 2022

A French government report that reveals issues like racism and sexual harassment within the police, may just turn the tide for minorities and human rights groups who have long campaigned on the issue, writes Yasser Louati.

21 November, 2022

States of Journalism: Freedom of the press was a crucial gain following the 2010 uprisings in Tunisia which saw the fall of Ben Ali’s dictatorship, now Kais Saied’s rule seems set on reversing the revolutionary achievements, writes Yasser Louati.

30 June, 2022

State of Journalism series: Whilst the Macron government continues to present itself as a defender of press freedoms, Yasser Louati argues that the reverse is true, tracing several moments of media repression and violent targeting.

23 June, 2022

The scenes of Liverpool fans being met with tear gas by French police at the Champion’s League final in Paris left many shocked, and put the spotlight once again on the historical violence of the institution, writes Yasser Louati.

10 June, 2022

Protest against French military presence in Chad, similar to those in Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger over recent years, are making it clear that across Africa, the people want an end to France’s neo-colonial presence, writes Yasser Louati.

31 May, 2022

Whilst many hoped that the 2011 uprisings would bring renewal to the repressive practices of former dictators in Tunisia, sitting president Kais Saied is proving that nothing has changed and the people continue to pay the price, writes Yasser Louati.

18 May, 2022

Victories for social justice groups in France are rare, especially following Macron’s repression under the guise of fighting separatism, but three organisations have proven that it is possible to challenge the state and win, writes Yasser Louati.

12 May, 2022