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Yasser Louati


Yasser Louati is a French political analyst and head of the Committee for Justice & Liberties (CJL). He hosts a hit podcast called "Le Breakdown with Yasser Louati" in English and "Les Idées Libres" in French.

Dubbed a mini-Macron, France's young new prime minister made a name for himself appeasing the far-right and peddling Islamophobia, writes Yasser Louati.

07 February, 2024

Whilst the Macron government made it clear it stands with Israel during the onslaught on Gaza continuing to silence & criminalise Palestine solidarity, it hasn't stopped people speaking out & marching for Palestinians in France, argues Yasser Louati.

02 November, 2023

Ariane Lavrilleux’s arrest over an investigation into French intelligence being misused by Egypt is not an isolated case. Macron’s government have increasingly targeted journalists for revealing the Republic’s potential crimes, argues Yasser Louati.

29 September, 2023

Whilst some may cheer on the anti-France feelings seen in protests in Niger, the military coup is unlikely to provide the people with relief from the current poverty, let alone put the country on a democratic path, argues Yasser Louati.

23 August, 2023

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi’s honouring during France’s annual Bastille Day celebrations caused outrage given his human rights record. But French governments have long used the event to advance foreign policy deals, argues Yasser Louati.

19 July, 2023

The killing of defenceless 17 year old French Algerian Nahel by police in France has shocked many, but the institution has a violent history. The world can now see how brutal one of the deadliest forces in Europe really is, writes Yasser Louati.

06 July, 2023

Amidst weeks of protests opposing the French government’s pension reforms, state repression has also been growing. These tactics were imposed on Muslims first, but there was little opposition from those now in the line of fire, argues Yasser Louati.

13 April, 2023

Omar Sy’s film telling the story of Senegalese colonial soldiers, has lifted the lid on the horrific treatment of Africans who were enlisted by France in WWI and WWII. This pressure must be capitalised on to bring justice, writes Yasser Louati.

13 January, 2023

Israel’s recent deportation of Salah Hammouri shows both the ongoing crimes committed against Palestinians, and France’s complicity for accepting his forced arrival in Paris, and historically failing to condemn Israeli policies, argues Yasser Louati.

22 December, 2022

Since the far-right Sweden Democrats took power a few months ago as they joined the new coalition government, their anti-migrant and islamophobic views have been shaping policy. This promises a dark future for minorities, writes Yasser Louati.

02 December, 2022