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Daoud Kuttab


Daoud Kuttab is a Palestinian journalist and media activist. He is the former Ferris Professor of Journalism at Princeton University. Kuttab is currently the Director General of Community Media Network (CMN). Follow him on Twitter: @daoudkuttab

Extreme-right Israeli national security minister Ben Gvir’s recent presence at Al Aqsa cannot be treated as simply a ‘visit’ given his party stands on a platform of ‘taking control’ of Temple Mount, argues Daoud Kuttab.

09 January, 2023

Morocco’s success in the tournament has united Arabs throughout the Middle East and North Africa behind a common hope. Can the team’s winning strategies do something similar for the region’s politics?

21 December, 2022

Following Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas’ speech at the UN where he reinforced the case for a two-state solution, it is time for the US and other member states who support this plan to finally enact it, writes Daoud Kuttab.

26 September, 2022

In attacking and expelling Palestinians from al-Aqsa during Ramadan, Israeli forces and settlers have violated the status quo at the holy site and disrespected the sanctity of the mosque, writes Daoud Kuttab.

10 May, 2022

Comment: A permanent settlement of the Israel-Palestine conflict is not yet a lost cause, but it will require courageous and resolute US leadership from President-elect Joe Biden, argues Daoud Kuttab

22 November, 2020

Comment: Heba Yazbak is a strong, articulate woman, a highly educated Arab politician, and a perfect role model for Palestinians. In short, everything Israel fears, writes Daoud Kuttab.

13 February, 2020

Comment: Israel is acting in total disregard for Palestinian rights and the international consensus, writes Daoud Kuttab.

24 July, 2019

Comment: The entire premise of the US-led 'Peace to Prosperity' economic workshop in Bahrain reflects a paternalistic colonial attitude towards Palestinians, writes Daoud Kuttab.

25 June, 2019

Comment: If Kushner's team are looking for economic proposals, they could begin by lifting Israeli restrictions on Gaza, writes Daoud Kuttab.

30 May, 2019

Comment: There's no way to divorce the decision to deny Ashrawi's visa, from the Trump administration's policy of delegitimising Palestinian nationalism, writes Daoud Kuttab.

14 May, 2019