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Karim Traboulsi


Karim is the Managing Editor of The New Arab since May 2019. He holds an MA in Translation Studies focusing on journalism in translation from Arabic. He has spent the last twelve years working as editor, writer, and translator in Middle East-focused news media, including six years with The New Arab as editor then managing editor.


Areas of focus: Lebanese politics, political economy in the Middle East and North Africa, media studies, and disinformation.


Follow him on Twitter: @Kareemios

In a region plagued by growing poverty, inequality, conflict, and environmental disasters, MENA leaders have focused their energies on a much more urgent and menacing threat: Barbie, writes The New Arab’s Managing Editor, Karim Traboulsi.

16 August, 2023

A mutiny led by the Wagner mercenary group against the Russian regime, fuelled by the failure of the war in Ukraine, has created uncertainty and potential for a significant shift in Russia's stability, with global implications and unknown outcomes.

24 June, 2023

A note from The New Arab’s managing editor, Karim Traboulsi.

24 November, 2022

Karim Traboulsi is the Managing Editor of The New Arab. Here, he explains, The New Arab confidently pledges to its existing and new readers to continue to be an authentic, unique, and forward-looking source of information.

01 June, 2021

The New Arab's Managing Editor, Karim Traboulsi, writes a scathing indictment of the Lebanese government and its negligence over the devastating Beirut explosion.

05 August, 2020

A preoccupation with the fallout from Lebanon's financial crisis caused protests to die down, but it now seems the ruling class are mistaken in thinking the uprising is over.

14 January, 2020

Hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life have hit the streets to protest government corruption and austerity measures and to demand the resignation of the government.

21 October, 2019

Fed up with corruption, an out-of-touch political class, a growing economic crisis and total failure of basic services, large numbers of Lebanese men and women have taken to the streets

18 October, 2019

Comment: Any progress on women's rights will be a concession, not a royal gift conferred upon subjects, forced to answer with deference and gratitude, writes Karim Traboulsi.

12 July, 2019

Israel has long appropriated Palestinian cuisine and Arab dishes, rebranding them as its own to efface the culture of the lands it occupies. But Palestinians are fighting back, and winning.

26 March, 2019